Nido Facts

1.What do you call the hammock lounge?

Our hammock lounge is called "The Weaver". A weaver is  a species of bird who weaves their nest together to form one giant nest. 

2.Where does the name Nido come from?

Nido means "nest" in Spanish.We thought that our hammock lounge reflected a nest, a place to comfortably relax with your friends and family. 

3. How can I get a Weaver at my next event?

Visit out contact page and we can schedule an event with you!

4. Can I purchase a Weaver?

YES. We are currently pre-selling The Weaver. We are a start-up company and pre-ordering from us is the best thing you can do to help us out! If you are interested in a purchase, visit our contact page.

5. How many hammocks and people does the Weaver hold?

It holds up to 8 hammocks and 16 people. 

6. What is the Weaver made of?

It's made of reclaimed steel oil pipe, sourced from a local Austin company.

7. How come you aren't making the Weaver out of a lighter material?

We believe in making our structure out of recycled oil pipe for four reasons:

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Strong

  • Cost effective

  • Looks cool

8. Where are the hammocks from in your pictures?

Those hammocks are from a local Austin company, and our friends at Kammok. They make amazing products and are awesome people. Give their website a visit, they've got some pretty kick-ass gear.