Our Story

As all current or graduated  UT engineering students (and avid outdoors people) we found ourselves always wanting to hammock on campus and local parks. But as the popularity of hammocks increased, hammock bans started to appear. After some research, we found that these bans were there for a reason. The straps of a hammock can harm the bark on a tree if a hammock is repeatedly hung on the same tree (i.e. trees on campuses and parks). So to keep the trees happy and to keep us hammocking and happy, Nido was born. 

We are currently renting out our hammock lounges at local events and festivals as well as pre-selling it to anyone that is interested. Visit our contact page for more info. 


Meet Our Team...

13494786_10154219124427092_9074295914911341063_n (1).jpg

Daniel Goodwin

Daniel, Danny, Dann, jefe, head honcho or whatever you wanna call him...is the man with the plan. He’s the one with all the grand ideas whose creativity fuels the group. Though he is currently earning his mechanical engineering degree at UT Austin, he is a man of many interests and talents. From creating music and sculptures, to being a co-founder of the Texas Hammocking Club, to spending time in the machine shop, you can always count on him to be doing something way more interesting than you are. Dann works in every aspect imaginable in Nido, and we couldn't do it without him. 

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Olivia Nguyen

Oli was born in a hammock under a full moon. From an early age she chose the path of the hiking boots and fresh air and never shied away from a spider. While pursuing her aerospace engineering degree, Olivia founded the Texas Hammocking Club at UT Austin and has since spread the joy of hammocking to hundreds of others. Under her guidance, Texas Hammocking camped out, climbed rocks, cleaned parks, and came together under the loving embrace of our hammocks. After performing her daily duties in the shop, Oli spends her time on marketing and branding. She's the reason our stuff looks so damn good.



Zane Lewin

Zane solves the problems that the rest of us can't. He was one of the founding employees of UT Austin’s flagship “Maker Studio” and has helped shape it into the incredible space it is today. As of late, his prefered medium is the needle and thread. He can be seen at festivals toting his custom short shorts and fanny pack. He is and always will be a maker at heart. Oh, and he is an electrical engineer.

Alex Booth

Alex joined the team a few months after Nido was born, and immediately fit right in. He is currently studying mechanical engineering and is captain of the Longhorn Racing Team. Aside from being an awesome engineer, Alex has great passions from the outdoors. As a member of the Longhorn Stream team, he regularly canoes out to remote parts of the Guadalupe to collect water quality data to support conservation efforts. Alex is the one who keeps things running smoothly. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Booth, you made a good one. 



Julien Cohen

Julien just got his Master's degree at UT, so he's got more knowledge and less wisdom than before. A mechanical engineer specializing in metal additive manufacturing, he designs things in Solidworks, analyzes the structures for failure, and cooks a mean dinner. 

Nido Facts

1.What do you call the hammock lounge?

Our hammock lounge is called "The Weaver". A weaver is  a species of bird who weaves their nest together to form one giant nest. 

2.Where does the name Nido come from?

Nido means "nest" in Spanish.We thought that our hammock lounge reflected a nest, a place to comfortably relax with your friends and family. 

3. How can I get a Weaver at my next event?

Visit out contact page and we can schedule an event with you!

4. Can I purchase a Weaver?

YES. We are currently pre-selling The Weaver. We are a start-up company and pre-ordering from us is the best thing you can do to help us out! If you are interested in a purchase, visit our contact page.

5. How many hammocks and people does the Weaver hold?

It holds up to 8 hammocks and 16 people. 

6. What is the Weaver made of?

It's made of reclaimed steel oil pipe, sourced from a local Austin company.

7. How come you aren't making the Weaver out of a lighter material?

We believe in making our structure out of recycled oil pipe for four reasons:

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Strong

  • Cost effective

  • Looks cool

8. Where are the hammocks from in your pictures?

Those hammocks are from a local Austin company, and our friends at Kammok. They make amazing products and are awesome people. Give their website a visit, they've got some pretty kick-ass gear.