what's nido?

Nido is a local Austin start up company that builds multi-person hammock lounges from locally sourced and recycled steel. These structures provide you with a way to hammock with all your friends as well as keep the trees happy and healthy.

We are currently renting out our structure at local events and festivals as well as pre-selling it to anyone that is interested. Visit our contact page for more info. 


Meet our team.



Daniel, Danny, Dann, jefe, head honcho or whatever you wanna call him...is the man with the plan. He’s the one with all the grand ideas whose creativity fuels the group. As a current mechanical engineering student at UT, he splits his time pursuing engineering and art, often combining the two. Dann works in every aspect at Nido just like he does in his daily life, from doing FEA analysis one minute to creating sculptures in the art room the next. 



Please, call her Oli. She recently finished up her AerospaceEngineering degree at UT, and stayed in Austin to offer her sage wisdom to the group on all matters design and manufacturing. Don't let her fool you-- she hauls more of the steel pipes than the rest of us.



Zane solves the problems that the rest of us can't. He was one of the founding employees of UT Austin’s flagship “Maker Studio” and has helped shape it into the incredible space it is today. As of late, his prefered medium is the needle and thread. He can be seen at festivals toting his custom short shorts and fanny pack. He is and always will be a maker at heart. Oh, and he is an electrical engineer.






Julien just got his Master's degree at UT, so he's got more knowledge and less wisdom than before. A mechanical engineer specializing in metal additive manufacturing, he designs things in Solidworks, analyzes the structures for failure, and cooks a mean dinner.